Our call center solution manages a company's customer communication through various channels like chatting, SMS, and voice. The software provides a comprehensive set of tools and features such as automated call routing, IVR, call recording, call monitoring, call analytics, and real-time reporting.
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Bade-st provides a comprehensive customer service solution that encompasses ACD, Queue Management, IVR Designer, CTI, CRM, reporting, voice logging, graphical analytics, quality monitoring,social media and chat support , email and SMS integration, pre-built CRM connectors, ticketing and helpdesk features, dialer, call back management, DNS and exclusion settings, leads management, multiple campaign management, scripting, and voice broadcast capabilities. Our diverse client base spans various sectors including rideshare, e-commerce, healthcare, logistics, banking & finance, real estate, government, and more.

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We build digital solutions for clients worldwide.
Security & Protection
Maintaining the security of your business data and machines is more important than ever before. We safeguard your business operation from attacks, hacks, breaches of sensitive data, and more with best in class network equipment, software, ongoing risk assessments and proactive tune-ups, to keep your information safe and sound.
Proactive Maintenance
To help keep your systems running at their optimal level and prevent avoidable tech challenges, we perform systematic updates and maintenance on all of your machines. You’ll never miss another patch, update, or hotfix ever again…including Microsoft, Apple, and more.
Data Recovery & Backup
We know how important your business information and business continuity is to you, so we perform at minimum, a full DAILY image backup of your servers to ensure you hold on to every single byte. Then our data experts monitor the success or failure of every backup. So technically…even our backups have backups.
Network Management
As your IT specialists, we’re always monitoring the overall health, speed and connectivity of your network… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. That means from your servers to your printers and everything in between, your business stays up and running.
Server Management
Whether in your office or the cloud, servers are the heart of your technology infrastructure, which is why our team of highly trained specialists monitor performance, maintenance, and operation on an ongoing basis.Conducting active tests and upkeep on your critical server functions to increase speed and reliability.
Hosted & Secure E-mail
Bade-st provides a range of onsite, managed, and hosted e-mail solutions to suit your business needs. We’ll support you in making key decisions about your e-mail solutions, integrating your devices, anti-spam protection, training, backups and more.